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Online Networking

by: Mark Evans DM

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Q. I need to know what exactly I can do to get myself started (ie: trying to re-sell your VIP deals).

A. You need to develop a nationwide buyers’ list of other investors who you can go to and pitch these deals to so that you can earn a fee by re-wholesaling them. Now, not every deal will have enough of an equity spread to be able to do this, but a good majority of them will have the ability for you to resell them for at least $2,000 or so.

Here’s how we suggest you start building your buyers’ list of nationwide investors: discussion boards and forums are the online places people go to chat about like-interests. Real Estate investors have established a ton of these all over the net.

Go to to see ones we’ve used before and/or you can find more by doing a Google search using the following keywords:

type in "real estate+discussion board"
type in "real estate+forum"
type in "real estate+investing+discussion board"
type in "real estate+investing+forum"
ETC. (keep doing variations of these searches to find more)

Go through and read the postings that people have put out there, and you’ll quickly see how this is beneficial to everyone. The people you’ll find will range from being novices to being Real Estate investing pros! The main reason these exist IS for people to help each other to make money together and to get to know investors in other areas…everyone’s learning and growing together.

As you’re reading through the posts, write down phone numbers and email addresses…that’s how you build your list. You could literally spend hours a day doing just this, which is good to do, but budget your time…maybe only spend a couple of hours on the weekend doing it (don’t let it monopolize your time, is my point, because it very easily could!).

Q. I also went to some forums/discussion boards for Real Estate, and it looks like I have to sign up and create a username and password for all of them before I can post anything. I like the idea of looking for an investor first but how do you word such an ad for posting?

A. Yes, you will have to create user names and passwords for each site. I try to use the same ones for all the forums and discussion boards that I go to so that I don't forget them.

As far as wording to use for you posts, just keep it short and sweet and give people various ways in which to contact you (phone, fax, email, website, etc.). Just say something like, “Hi, I’m Joe, and I invest in properties all over the country…I’m interested in seeing any deal that you have to sell, so get in touch with me, and let’s talk.” (something simple like that). The idea is to get them to call you and start building the relationship…if it’s too wordy, people may never read it all anyway.

Q. Exactly what am I looking for from people/investors on these forums? What should I be doing with this information? Should I be sending them an email or am I supposed to be on the receiving end?

A. I would bet that anyone posting on real estate forums and discussion boards are looking to do both – hear from you and contact you. It's a "scratch each other's back" kinda thing. What you should be doing is posting what you're doing with regard to Real Estate investing. When people read your post, they can get in touch with you to say, "Hey, I've got a lead in your area" or "Hey, I see that you have a lead in my area...can we work together?"

Collect as many email addresses and phone numbers as you can and then stick them all into whatever email system you're using. Then, anytime you've got a deal that you're trying to sell, you can blast it out to everyone that you've collected addresses from via reading their posts on the site or from them contacting you directly. And when we say “everyone”, we mean everyone…not just the investors that are physically located near the deal. Lots of people are willing to, and want to, do out of state investing too.

Basically, the more information you collect from as many different places/sites/people as you can, the better your odds of finding someone who'll want to buy a deal from you (ie: one of our deals that you want to re-wholesale out). The idea is to have "go to" people on-hand all over the place so that if a deal pops up in Lincoln, Nebraska you already have a contact there that you can go to...and/or at least a place to start.

Q. I was on some FSBO Real Estate websites and made up an ad for a property that I want to sell, but where do I put it? My question is where to put such an ad? I don't have the assignment fee to buy the deal myself, so this is what I've come up with to try to sell it to another investor and make a fee that way.

Owner Finance: 30k instant equity or more
Will assign for only $7,500
Property is in GA (and in perfect condition)
10+ ac. incl. / over 2,400 SF
Price is $165k (will appraise at $200k) / 555-555-5555

A. I'm not sure if you can advertise on FSBO sites for least, I've never advertised to find buyers of investment properties that way. They're not "looking for you” there, so you won’t hit your target market very well because they, most likely, will never even see your ad on a site like that. We use FSBO sites for finding our motivated sellers (on those kinds of sites, the sellers are almost always "regular" homeowners), and we use forums/discussion boards when looking for investor buyers.

Just use common sense as far as where to place your ads on the forums/discussion boards. Sometimes there are special places designated just for classified ads, and sometimes there are not. If you place an ad out there that the forum doesn't “like” for whatever reason, they'll either move it to where it should go or cancel it...either way, they'll notify you of what they’ve done. As far as what your ad sounds fine...just watch and wait for your responses and make changes if you need to based on feedback.

And you don't need to worry about taking your ads down from the classified sites when a deal sells...keep them out there forever, if they'll let you. People will come across your ad and write to ask you about it down the road, I promise you (people are always reading archived stuff on those sites!). Then, you can keep that contact in your database for future deals and/or pitch them on whatever you may have to sell at that time.

Q. I like the deal, but what does the house look like? Is it possible to make this work if I don't have the assignment fee?

A. Pictures will be provided on any deal’s ad page that we send out to our VIP Club members. As to not having your own cash to do the deal yourself – find another investor instead, leverage their cash and split the profits. Have them pay you so that you can then give us our assignment fee and keep the difference for yourself. As an example, if we’re asking for $5k to assign the deal to you, you will tell your investor to give you $7k…you keep the $2k difference. For more examples on how to “create” cash to do deals now, go to the “NO Cash” FAQ page.

Q. I am more interested in quick flips at this time. Any input on the potential for that with the VIP Club deals that are sent out?

A. If you've got a buyers' list of other investors in which to flip it to, there is definite potential for that. The more buyers you have in your pipeline, the higher your chances of finding another investor who wants to, and has the cash to, do the deal of ours that you’re looking to turn over quickly for a fee.

And, remember, the most investors you have on your buyers’ list, the more relationships you’ll be building all over the U.S. - this business really is all about relationships - it'll also give you the opportunity to find people who have deals that are in your area, if you would prefer to stay close to home with the deals you do, personally. The VIP Club was started (and designed) to show people how to broaden their horizons in order to not limit themselves to only making money where they happen to live. The sky really is the limit the more you immerse yourself in networking with other investors around the country.

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