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Refund Policies

by: Mark Evans DM

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Wholesale Real Estate VIP Club Refund Policy

Our guarantee, as you would have seen when you joined, is that you will do a deal with us in your first year of being a member or you will never again pay any dues until that first deal IS done.

We do not have a refund policy since we can't know if the deal you do with us will come on day 7 or day 237 of your membership – every deal is different, and every deal is located in a different part of the country. For that reason, there are no refunds given within the first 365 days of your membership, and you will not be charged to renew your membership if you have not done a deal with us in that first 365 days.

We're constantly striving to bring deals to the table that appeal to our membership, so it's always helpful if we have a profile form on file for you so that we know what you're looking for. While there are no guarantees that we'll be able to bring you the exact deal you describe, it does help us to have that information. You can go here to fill it out online:

An email will be sent whenever there’s a new deal going out, which will alert you to go to the “Members Only” page. Plus, a link to an individual page for just that deal will also be included, just in case. If you like one of the deals we send out and want it for yourself, then we can sign it over to you once your due diligence is done and the assignment fee has been paid. If cash is an issue for you, please see the FAQ page regarding “No Cash” for ideas/strategies on getting around that. Refund Policy

We are not able to honor refund requests within the first 3 months of membership, unless we charge you the $150 early termination fee. These terms are what you agreed to upon your initial purchase of the websites.

It was clearly stated on the order page that you must commit to using and paying for your websites for three months. Please refer back to the order page at: When you clicked through to the order page, it brings up a form with two paragraphs for you to choose from – and you had to click on a red check mark in order to place your order, thereby agreeing to and entering into a contract for three months for your websites.

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