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by: Mark Evans DM

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Q. But, I already have a website…why would I need yours?

A. Even if you feel like your current website is providing enough leads (and how can you ever have too many leads?), the names of our websites (the domains themselves, I mean) are so specific as to who they are targeting (whether a seller or a buyer), which is why they’re so successful. This, alone, makes them a great compliment to whatever website you may already have in place.

Q. How do I go about using the websites? Is there more information?

A. You should have received a replay of the marketing call we did when we first launched the websites that covers a ton of marketing information, gives tip/strategies/etc. If you do not have that information, please go to our help desk and submit a ticket at:

Basically, you just want to drive as many people to your sites as you can so that they fill out the form and then their lead will come to you. From there, you talk with them further to see how you can help. This works beautifully in-tandem with the Reverse Real Estate System, so if you’re already using that, these sites will just propel you ahead that much faster. If you don’t yet have the Reverse System, head over to and check it out.

Q. I thought “websites” had numerous pages, but these don’t…why not?

A. These websites are called “squeeze pages” – they’re used for lead generation only. They're not intended to educate or to follow up with people – although, they can easily be linked to an autoresponder so that the automatic follow up IS in place – go to to sign up for an autoresopnder.

Other websites have more “bells and whistles” and probably look “fancier”, but that's not what we were worried about when these were created (and I’m sure the “fancy” sites cost a lot more too). We're more concerned with results than with appearance. These sites have been tested and tweaked over the past 18 months to be sure they do exactly as they are intended to do...and that they do it as effectively as possible, regardless of their “look”.

We found that a lot of people were confused by the more sophisticated websites…by the time they read through all of the pages, they forgot where they were supposed to go back to in order to give their contact information so that you could get the ball rolling…no chance of that happening here, as we’re just straight to the point.

Q. But, I’m not sure I can afford to spend any money on websites right now.

A. How can you afford not to? For less than $700/year (remember, you get two months for free if you sign up for the whole year), it equates to $1.92 per day! Why not put another marketing "branch" in the water when the cost is so low? Never forget that we're in the marketing business (real estate is just our “product”), so the more avenues we have available in which to do more marketing, the better. This really IS a no-brainer. All it will take to recoup your entire year’s investment is to do one deal in a year or to earn about 1 ½ marketing fees by hooking people up to do business together!

Q. Can my monthly website membership dues be set up on an automatic monthly withdrawal?

A. Yes, automatic monthly billing, each month, to the same card you signed up with is what will happen. When you initially order, it "remembers" that information for the next time and thereafter.

This will not be the case if your initial setup was done via a payment to PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal is not “linked” with our ordering system, so it won’t “know” to charge you again the next month. If that is the case, once you join, get in touch with us via submitting a help desk ticket at, and we’ll be in touch to get that taken care of so that it all flows smoothly for you.

Should you need to change the credit card information we have on file, just let us know by submitting a help desk ticket as well, and we'll setup a time to take care of that for you.

Q. Can I get access to my directory space to add webpages to my site? I want to put up pictures of my rent-to-own home there.

A. Unfortunately, the websites are not customize-able other than with your contact information or if you wanted to put in your own testimonials in place of what's already there. They're designed to generate leads, not to advertise. However, as you're placing your online ads and incorporating your websites, you can be doing both at the same time by mentioning your house. Once they contact you, then you can share the specifics.

We would love it if we could customize them for every person, but you can imagine the workload if every person wanted to put their own stuff on there...we'd do nothing else all day but customize these sites and be changing them all the time. The point with these is that they're tested to work just as they are, which is why they were never released before now...we wanted to make sure they were the best that they could be first.

Q. How does the lead’s information get to me? Do I get an email to let me know someone’s gone to my site? Do I have to go somewhere and look? And what EXACTLY is my website name? And is there anyway I can add things to the sites or are they set in stone?

A. The lead fills out the form on your website, and the information they provided gets sent directly to your email inbox with their responses and comments spelled out for you.

Your complete website addresses will include the extension at the end (“.com/___”), so be sure to use that entire address or the system won’t work properly. This extension at the end of each web address is what differentiates them from one another, as everyone’s domains are the same ( and The extension at the end is what makes the website yours.

The only changes to the sites that you can make are in relation to your name or the testimonials, if you have any you'd prefer to use rather than ours. These sites are the same for everyone – they've been tested, and we know they work, so if any changes are made, that decision will be made by us and applied to everyone’s sites. It's too extensive a system to make individual changes, and it's not necessary because these sites work and bring in leads just as they are.

Q. I’m not getting my leads…why not?

A. It’s one of two things…either 1) they're leaving off the extension (“.com/___”) and just going directly to and/or or 2) they filled out the right form but it’s possible that the information didn’t get to you due to your e-mail account filtering it out for spam reasons.

To test it, fill out your own form yourself (with “dummy” info), just like someone else might fill it out, and see if it comes to you (there is sometimes a delay in receiving the email notification, but it shouldn’t be more than a half hour). If you get your “dummy” lead, then you know the website is working. If you don't, you should check your junk folder and see if it's there.

Let us caution you, though…just because one form submission makes it through to you, it doesn't mean that they all will. This is because the next person may use more words that the s p a m filters don't like, so their message doesn’t come through. So, it will kind of depend on how sensitive you have your email spam settings as to whether or not these notifications get filtered out. Obviously, for this reason, we recommend setting them very “low” so that it allows most anything to come through.

Another thing you could try is to setup another email account with yahoo or hotmail. There are certain email carriers that block more emails going in and out than others do, so this might be a quick fix to the problem. If/When you do this, though, be sure and let us know so that we can make the proper adjustments to your websites to redirect the leads when they come in.

All of these websites are “tied together” – meaning that all of our students/customers have the same websites, just with different extensions on the end so the computer “knows” which one is yours versus theirs, etc. So, if most are working just fine, but one or two people are having trouble receiving leads, then it stands to reason that it probably IS the #2 thing we mentioned in the first paragraph of this answer. If that is the case, maybe you could change your settings to be less sensitive, and see if that does the trick. Now, occasionally, leads will come through to us instead (if they leave the extension off), so we do our best to figure out who the lead “belongs to” and then forward it on accordingly as soon as we can.

Q. I want to add the features of your websites onto my existing website…how do I do that?

A. Unfortunately, our websites aren't "features" that you can add to your existing site...they're independent websites and will be/act completely separate from what you have, as they have a different function altogether.

While your site may have a lot more educational kinds of items for your readers, ours are for lead generation only. In general, I don't think websites can be combined, but I know for sure that they can't in this case.

How you can use them together, though, is to use your marketing to drive traffic to the websites you get from us. Then, people will fill out the form so that you have their contact information. Then, in your follow up with them, you can then guide them over to your existing site so that they can get the educational information you have there. That way, you're fully utilizing both sides and can get full use of each.

Q. What do the websites look like?

A. Here are the websites that we use. and

Keep in mind that, as we clearly state on the main webpage at:, they’re not the prettiest or flashiest websites you’ve ever seen, but that doesn't matter. What matters is results, and these sites provide TONS of results. Mark has spent 10’s of thousands of dollars creating and testing these sites, and we know they work, which is why we decided to now share them and make them public for our students to use. They're hugely effective and less expensive than anything else like it that you'll find anywhere.

The bottom line is that you need to have them to grow your business efficiently. Mark made a comment once…he said, "It's like buying a new car but parking it in the garage and riding a bicycle to work." You can get by with the bicycle, of course, but why would you when you’ve got the ability to drive the new car and get there that much faster and easier???

Q. What is the best way to advertise? What should your ad say? With the site stating an “offer within 12 hours”, how do I put that together?

A. Well, you can’t make an offer until you talk to the sellers on the phone. You need to determine what they really “need”. Every seller will say “I just want to sell it”…but does that mean “…because I can’t make two house payments anymore” or does it mean “…because I need the equity now to use as a downpayment on my next house”? Depending on what their answer is, that will help to determine what offer you make them.

The “best” way to advertise? I’m not sure there’s just one answer for that because your target market exists in many different places and will use different medias in which to see your marketing. We prefer to use the internet just because the number of people “surfing” is going up every day. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run newspaper ads or put signs out, etc. because those work too. It will be whatever you enjoy doing most and that brings you the results you’re looking for. Ideally, if a person could do every type of marketing that exists, that would be “best” because then you’d have full, blanket exposure. But, that’s not always practical, obviously…

What do our ads say? Keep them short and sweet and to the point…you want them calling/emailing you to get more details. Plus, if you put too much wording in your ads, you may intimidate/scare people away from calling. So, just “I’ll buy your house and close in 7 days…Call to find out how”…is a very simple example. Of course, give all of your contact information so they have multiple ways of getting ahold of you.

Lastly, you should have received a replay of the marketing call we did when we first launched the websites that covers a ton of marketing information, gives tip/strategies/etc. If you do not have that information, please go to our help desk and submit a ticket at:

Q. When placing an ad, like at exactly do I place the ad? There are lots of sub categories and where do I get best results?

A. Put an ad in every category and sub-category that you can…don’t overanalyze it, just put the ads out there. As you do it more, you’ll see which ones are working better for you and where, etc. It’s all about constant testing and tweeking and doing it over again.

Definitely put them in the “For Rent” and “For Sale” sections, but there may be other categories too, depending on the site you’re on, so whatever makes sense, stick one on there. Put yourself in the shoes of who you’re targeting – if you were them, where would you go to find what you were looking for?

Q. Do you think it’s possible that, if I did the right advertising for the websites fast enough, that I could get a buyer & a seller together, have them close a deal, and make some decent money within a few weeks or less?

A. Is it possible? Sure...anything's possible. It's all about exposure and consistency and about “talking” to as many people as you can, whether that be in person, on phone or over email. The more of all of this you put forth, the better your chances.

Q. Is there any other way you are marketing these websites?

A. Basically, anywhere and everywhere online that we can find or think of to put an ad out with our websites listed on it, we do it. Remember, it's all about exposure!

Q. I'm not really sure how I'm supposed to get the buyers and sellers together and have them pay me for it, using these websites.

A. The simple answer is – you find a buyer, find a seller and put the two together. You find these two sets of people by putting marketing out into the world (online, signs, word of mouth, etc.) to drive people to your websites so that they’ll fill out the form with their contact information so that you can call them to figure out how you can help.

Your buyer will be happy to pay you because you’re getting them into a house when everyone else in the world has told them “no”. Your seller will be happy to pay you because whatever amount they pay you is, almost always, going to be less than their Realtor would have charged. Plus, you got it done fast, so they avoided making lots of mortgage payments on a (maybe) empty house and were able to cut down on their advertising expenses and didn’t have to put a ton of time into doing the “FSBO thing” with open houses, lots of strangers walking through, etc.

Q. Why am I getting leads from you instead of directly to my email inbox?

A. If we get your leads by mistake, we’ll forward them on. Be sure the extension (“.com/___”) is on the end of your websites when you put them out there or the leads will come to us instead. Sometimes the people going to the page will leave that last part off, and we can't control that, but we wanted to mention it just in case.

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