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What kinds of deals am I looking for?

by: Mark Evans DM

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Q. What kinds of deals can I bring to you?

A. I'm looking for any residential deal that is in any area of the U.S. and is at a $300k price point or below and falls into one or more of the following categories:

• I will buy multis as well, but only up to a 4-unit building

• I can pay cash but I prefer to do creative deals, like subject to, etc.

• I'll look at anything where the numbers make sense and there's a backend profit

• I can buy as many as you have to offer, but they've got to be good deals

• I'll be straight with you right now and say that I'm not looking at buying property at 85% LTV if it needs to be all cash deal...I can't pay that much for a cash deal. However, if there is some owner financing involved, it may work (like a Sub-2 deal). For example, if a house is worth $100,000, I can't pay $85,000 in cash for it…I could pay a max of $70,000 cash ARV (After-Repair-Value). But, for that same house, I could pay more than $70,000 (we may even be able to go up to $90,000) if there was some owner financing involved and we could structure it creatively.

Go here to download our Deal Info Sheet:

This MUST be completed in its ENTIRETY and presented with any deal you want me to look at. I need to have ALL of this information from you in order to see if it's a deal that I want to dig deeper into.

I want to be clear about this...if you do not fill this form out completely, I will NOT look at your deal.

If everything looks good on paper, then we'll get in touch with you, write up the contract immediately and begin our due diligence to verify that all of the information that you've provided is accurate.

Send all info on your deals for me to checkout here:

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